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Dan Morgan guests on the Most Best Podcast

Comedy Geek's Dan Morgan is this week's co-host with the mo-host on the Most Best Podcast. This fantastic show, presented by comedian and Comedy Geek collaborator Zach Williams, combines hilarious banter and fun games that will have you falling out of your chair again and again - which could be potentially embarrassing if you're on public transport so don't say we didn't warn you! Be sure not to miss this wonderful Comedy Geek Crossover episode and subscribe to Most Best Podcast.

Fans of Most Best will be thrilled to know that Zach will soon be starring in a special "jackanory" style episode of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast which we have brewing and will also be guest starring in one of our future sketch episodes (sooner rather than later please, we hear you all cry!)

You can find all episodes of the Most Best Podcast on Soundcloud - or click on the podcast logo above! Tell all your friends about this wonderful podcast which showcases some of the best talent and freshest new faces in and around the South Wales comedy circuit.

Zach Williams standup comedian
Zach Williams (Photo by Damien Rosser Photography)

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