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It's time for Geekanory!

September 2019 is an exciting month for Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast fans as we try something a little different - 4 special mini episodes on our podcast channel featuring some delightful short stories designed to make you chuckle and guffaw like never before. It's GEEKANORY!

Inspired by some of our favourite literary and audio drama podcasts, these episodes are our contribution to the world of literature, presented in time-honoured tradition but with music and sound effects and everything - basically like a really high budget podcast but way better because it's us.

So put on your comfiest pants and snuggle up in your favourite armchair as our cast read this collection of hilarious short stories we hope you will enjoy and share with all of your friends.


We are delighted to feature this monstrously funny story written by Robbie Sunderland, writer and performer on BBC Radio Norfolk's New Comedy show and creator of hilarious comedy characters such as football mastermind Bobby Chambrake.

Read by regular cast member Jamie Davies, this ghoulish tale of the macabre will leave your hairs standing on end - probably because even your hairs are laughing really hard.


You'll need a strong stomach for this one! Comedy Geek's very own writer/cast member/producer Dan Morgan reads a self-penned tale of a struggling artist who ends up vomiting all over his canvas and creating a very unique work of art.

Maybe keep a sick bag on standby?


We absolutely love this quirky story written by author Eleanor Freeman and read by our regular cast member and fan favourite Marie Edwards. The race is on as our protagonist must do everything she can to ensure that this year she gets to sit amongst the "fun crew" and not stuck next to her deplorable boss.


We are thrilled to feature a special guest narrator for this episode - standup comedian and host of Most Best Podcast Zach Williams reads the tale of local journalist Ashley Quinlaven who is trying - and failing - to fit in backstage with Swansea's hottest rock group, L.A. Daggers.


Let us know what you think of our special story-time episodes! We'll be back very soon with more sketch-based mayhem!

Love from The Comedy Geeks x x x

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