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Lockdown Pothole Extravaganza: Special Mini Episode

First of all, from all of us here at Comedy Geek HQ, we would like to extend our warmest wishes to you during the Covid-19 pandemic - we hope you are safe and well.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's important to maintain a positive attitude during these times - and what better way to keep your spirits up than with a good chuckle! Season 3 of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast might be on hold for now, but that's why we have made this very special YouTube mini episode for you called "Pothole Extreme: Lockdown".

Join Bradley Jones, head of the South Wales Amateur Pothole Society (S.W.A.P.S.Y.) as he presents "10 things for pothole enthusiasts to do during lockdown".

Find out how Bradley (and his persistent admirer Stacey) are keeping themselves occupied during these strange times.

Starring Daniel Morgan, Amy Webber and Jamie Davies, with special guests Sarah Bridgeman and Nathan Webb.

Please support the NHS during lockdown by staying in your home as much as possible and complying with the government's social distancing advice. From all of us here at Comedy Geek HQ... see you on the other side!

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