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Comedy crossover alert! Comedy Geeks appear in Release the Clowns Comedy Sketch Podcast 50th episode

This week, seasoned comedy sketch troupe Release the Clowns celebrated 50 glorious episodes of their hilarious sketch comedy podcast (hooray!) and to commemorate the occasion they invited some of their favourite podcasters to collaborate on a mammoth movie trailer review show like you've never heard before!

Featuring some of the best movie trailer skits from their show, including Dawn of the Day of the Rise of the Zombie Pigeons and Murder on the Orient Express Replacement Bus Service, this episode features some very familiar podcasting voices including Frank Burton from the Ragbag podcast, Sitcom Geeks, ABCD-Bagz, Epic Film Guys, Rough Giraffe, Politic With Dummies, Gravity Beard, Gamma Radio, 2 Girls on a Bench, Murder Mile True Crime Podcast, Varmints and... urm, who else? Oh yeah! The Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast!

You can hear Amy and Dan's (slightly bonkers) movie review by downloading Episode 50 of Release the Clowns right now. And if you haven't subscribed to this show already then you really should! (If you don't then trust us, we will know about it!)

Release the Clowns
Some of the Release the Clowns team skiving off work [Photo: Monika Marion]

This wonderfully whimsical fortnightly show is the brainchild of ace comedians/show producers Nick Hildred and Alex Marion and features a stellar cast of very very funny people. They have set the bar extremely high for comedy sketch podcasts across the globe, not just because of their great content but because of their attention to detail when it comes to recording and production.

In this special 50th episode the Clowns break from their traditional sketch show format and revisit some of their brilliant fake movie trailers. We were invited to contribute our (made-up) review of Bill & Ted's Excel Adventure and were thrilled to be slotted in amongst such a fantastic smorgasbord of podcasting talent!

[Photo: Monika Marion]

Send us a message or drop us a tweet to let us know your thoughts on this wonderful show and be sure to check out all the other excellent podcasts who collaborated on this landmark comedy podcast episode!

For now... RELEASE THE CLOWNS! *honk*

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